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RELEASE: Remixes of The Moon Vol 01
ARTIST(S): Balata, Achex, Dalai, Davide Ferrario, DJ Tomer, Ricardo, Mayan, Double Drop, 808DNA, Hanna Hais, Whitney Mkok, Lazarusman, LevyM, Mike Dem, Breeze and The Sun, Neil Amarey, Notre Dame, Sasson (FR), Viel (IT)

REMIXERS: Argento Dust, Djuma Soundsystem, Enoo Napa, FNX OMAR, Hanna Hais, Matt Sawyer, Mike Dem, Neil Amarey, Sasson (FR), Space Motion, Sparrow & Barbossa, Viel (IT)

LABEL: My Other Side of the Moon | MOSMC001
RELEASED: 2021-11-05


  1. DJ Tomer, Ricardo, Mayan – Fearless (Argento Dust Remix) (05:42) key, bpm122
  2. Dalai, Davide Ferrario – Desert (Enoo Napa Remix) (07:18) key, bpm119
  3. Mike Dem, Neil Amarey, Breeze and The Sun – Vamizi (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix) (05:51) key, bpm122
  4. Neil Amarey – Down On Earth (Djuma Soundsystem Vocal Remix) (07:49) key, bpm121
  5. Viel (IT) – Get Away (Enoo Napa Remix) (06:58) key, bpm120
  6. Neil Amarey – Sonorous (Fnx Omar Remix) (06:32) key, bpm118
  7. Notre Dame, Sasson (FR) – Emowe (Sasson (FR) Remix) (08:40) key, bpm120
  8. Lazarusman, Neil Amarey – The Summer of Your Life (Mike Dem Remix) (06:24) key, bpm122
  9. Mike Dem – Pluviophile (Space Motion Remix) (06:54) key, bpm123
  10. Balata, Achex – Zawya (Viel (IT) Remix) (07:36) key, bpm118
  11. Breeze and The Sun – Demetra (Enoo Napa Remix) (07:56) key, bpm118
  12. Hanna Hais, Whitney Mkok – Nakupenda (Hanna Hais Remix) (06:30) key, bpm120
  13. LevyM – Time Traveller (Neil Amarey Remix) (06:14) key, bpm120
  14. Double Drop, 808DNA – Until We Love Again (Matt Sawyer Remix) (06:48) key, bpm120
  15. Neil Amarey – Down On Earth (Djuma Soundsystem Dub Remix) (07:49) key, bpm121

Total Playtime: 01:45:01 min

Remixes of the Moon: the essential first collection of My Other Side of The Moon best remixes – out on a unique afro-organic house compilation.
This is the best of what you have heard in the past 16 months, from the epic Djuma Soundsystem to the clubby hits by Enoo Napa and Argento Dust, to the elegant reinterpretation of Hanna Hais or the lively vibes of FNX Omar.
This is one not to miss, for the Label affectionate or to welcome the new comers!//

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