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RELEASE: The Roam 100 Compilation
ARTIST(S): Ademarr, AIMES, Alejandro Molinari, Alvaro Cabana, Azaria, Damon Jee, Disco Mortale, DJ Rocca, Duncan Gray, Futuristant, Silicodisco, Jason Peters, Kate Stein, Lucare, Poulper, Moisees, Zea, Mushrooms Project, Rams, Javier Busto, Eva G, Teniente Castillo, The Emperor Machine, Theus Mago, Tiempo de Maldad, los Dvtsuns`, Tronik Youth, Zakmina


LABEL: Roam Recordings | ROM100
RELEASED: 2021-10-22


  1. Mushrooms Project – Animale (07:41) key, bpm105
  2. Lucare, Poulper – Eloquence (05:29) key, bpm116
  3. Ademarr – Galaxia Sin Control (05:42) key, bpm118
  4. Damon Jee – Horizon (06:18) key, bpm124
  5. Zakmina – Digital Words (06:09) key, bpm120
  6. AIMES – Moroccan Head Dream (06:59) key, bpm122
  7. Disco Mortale – Invisible Man (05:34) key, bpm114
  8. Theus Mago – Sonido Espacio (06:13) key, bpm120
  9. Moisees, Zea – Jo-Jo (05:46) key, bpm117
  10. Duncan Gray – Pinch and Punch (07:46) key, bpm116
  11. Jason Peters – Nova (07:31) key, bpm120
  12. Futuristant, Silicodisco – Keep Your Body High (06:27) key, bpm119
  13. Alejandro Molinari – Dance of the Magicians (06:04) key, bpm123
  14. Tiempo de Maldad, los Dvtsuns` – Es Mental (08:25) key, bpm112
  15. Kate Stein – Badlands (06:52) key, bpm124
  16. Tronik Youth – Never Going Home (05:11) key, bpm118
  17. Rams, Javier Busto, Eva G – Reflections (07:36) key, bpm117
  18. Alvaro Cabana, Azaria – Masquerade (07:34) key, bpm112
  19. DJ Rocca – Illusion (05:08) key, bpm108
  20. Teniente Castillo – Stolen Accuracy (06:54) key, bpm118
  21. The Emperor Machine – I Wanna Sem You (10:05) key, bpm116

Total Playtime: 02:21:24 min

San Francisco based record label Roam Recordings celebrates its 100th release with a compilation from beloved alumni and new artists offering original work spanning darker shades of disco, cosmic techno, psychedelic, and acid house. What started as a group of ravers in the mid 90s that roamed the countryside (mostly in the US, Canada, and Mexico) looking for parties has evolved under the direction of its boss Jason Peters into a record label featuring a diverse array of internationally known artists. The intent of the record label is to continue the journey in search of new sounds while honoring the past. The Roam 100 Compilation is a milestone in that journey. It has been arranged to be enjoyed from beginning to end and to be rifled through at will.//

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