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RELEASE: Isotopic Signature
ARTIST(S): Angioma, BLANKA (ES), Franz Jager, Egotot, Hitam, Kaiser (K S R), Kwartz, Lobster, LYRIC (GER), Morven, NKX, Quelza, Rebar, Setaoc Mass, VSK, YANT


LABEL: Room Trax | ROOM014
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno
RELEASED: 2021-10-29


  1. Setaoc Mass – Contemporary Decline (05:41) key, bpm137
  2. VSK – Luna (05:50) key, bpm132
  3. Kaiser (K S R) – Asereht (05:26) key, bpm143
  4. Kwartz – Red Flame (05:52) key, bpm137
  5. YANT – A Clockwork Orange (05:09) key, bpm135
  6. Quelza – Voir (07:34) key, bpm138
  7. Angioma – Downturn (05:45) key, bpm136
  8. BLANKA (ES) – The Fall (06:43) key, bpm68
  9. Franz Jager, Egotot – Oceanspace (05:38) key, bpm140
  10. Hitam – Crystalline Deceit (05:49) key, bpm135
  11. Morven – Twisted (05:39) key, bpm68
  12. LYRIC (GER) – Related (05:38) key, bpm69
  13. Lobster – Sacrifice to Achieve (05:31) key, bpm142
  14. NKX – Urban Exploitation (07:38) key, bpm135
  15. Rebar – The Morning After (06:26) key, bpm130

Total Playtime: 01:30:19 min

ROOM014: For Room Traxs 14th installment none other than Setoac Mass, VSK, Kaiser and Kwartz gather up to set the masses into motion. Functional but with a great understanding of aesthetics “Isotopic Signature” creates a propelling symbiosis of four thoroughly crafted, timeless gems dedicated to dark and sweaty dancefloors. Driving, impressive, and energetic its keeping up tension from end to end and reflects the very core of modern Techno while being a solid tribute to the origins of the scene. Coming in deep and with heavy groove Setaoc Mass “Contemporary Decline” quickly raises tension with exceptionally crafted percussion elements. As a unique tool for the long nights to come and paired with its distinctive atmosphere, it transports a sophisticated balance between modern bassline-driven techno and the typically clean and classic Setaoc Mass manner. With “Luna” VSK once again proves his profound devotion to the darker realms of techno. Dark, impressive, and embedded in mesmerizing textures it catches the audience with its pounding pressure dissolving into a mind-bending tapestry of sound. Full of interesting details and driving rhythms it lets you dive into otherworldly soundscapes. Reminiscent of the early days of techno the characteristic and bouncy vibe of “Asereth” paves the way for another bassline-driven ride for the listener – fast and energetic all the way through. One things for sure, once started Kaisers latest opus just seems to be unstoppable carrying everyone along. As an exquisite wrap-up for the EP “Red Flame” leads with a quirky and hypnotically sequenced melody seamlessly uniting with galloping drums and percussions to form a trippy peak-time weapon. Stylistically confident as always Kwartz once again delivers pure heat and a perfect complement to “Isotopic Signature”.//

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