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Download DJ Charts: Guy Mantzur Moments Chart

CHART: Guy Mantzur Moments Chart
ARTIST(S): Above & Beyond, Richard Bedford, Doma, Eli Nissan, Guy J, Guy Mantzur, Sha-ullo, Stereo Underground, The Scientists

  1. Above & Beyond, Richard Bedford – Every Little Beat feat. Richard Bedford (Khen Extended Mix) (08:06)
  2. Doma – Lucero (Original Mix) (08:00)
  3. Eli Nissan – Casablanca (Original Mix) (07:52)
  4. Guy J – The Fall (Original Mix) (09:26)
  5. Guy Mantzur – Homecoming (Original Mix) (07:18)
  6. Guy Mantzur – We are Together (Original Mix) (08:29)
  7. Sha-ullo – Game Changer (Original Mix) (07:57)
  8. Sha-ullo – Moods (Original Mix) (08:01)
  9. Stereo Underground – Thoughts on a Time of Waiting (Original Mix) (08:09)
  10. The Scientists – Quantum of Sound (Full Album) (48:47)

Total Playtime: 02:02:05 min

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