Download Lowheads - After Tokyo on Electrobuzz

RELEASE: After Tokyo
ARTIST(S): Chasing Kurt, Dazzle Drums, Pastaboys, PillowTalk, Lowheads


LABEL: Wolf + Lamb Records, WLM81
GENRE: House
RELEASED: 2019-07-12
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Lowheads – Benji feat. Greg Paulus (Original Mix) (04:37) / Fmaj, 118bpm
  2. Lowheads – Seven Afro Mood (Original Mix) (04:55) / Amaj, 118bpm
  3. Chasing Kurt, Lowheads – Stop Breathe Relax (Original Mix) (05:58) / C♯min, 116bpm
  4. Lowheads – Phil (Original Mix) (01:12) / Dmin, 98bpm
  5. Lowheads – Heart Song (Original Mix) (05:19) / Bmaj, 115bpm
  6. PillowTalk, Lowheads – Got 2 Be Free feat. Lil’T (Original Mix) (06:27) / Amin, 120bpm
  7. Lowheads – Brass (Original Mix) (04:27) / Amin, 123bpm
  8. Lowheads – After Tokyo (Original Mix) (01:24) / Amaj, 120bpm
  9. Lowheads – Hip (Original Mix) (03:00) / A♯min, 111bpm
  10. Pastaboys, Lowheads – In This Moment (Original Mix) (07:54) / Emin, 153bpm
  11. Dazzle Drums, Lowheads – Gentle Rain feat. Tomomi Ukumori (Original Mix) (04:31) / C♯min, 120bpm

Total Playtime: 00:49:44 min

New York’s Wolf+Lamb stable have long held a solid reputation for representing a laidback style of classy dance-music by a tight knit group of DJs and producers that include of Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Deniz Kurtel, Slow Hands, Voices of Black and friends. Their latest offering hail from Northern Italy’s underground scene in Italian and Ghanaian duo Lowheads. Their upcoming LP ‘After Tokyo’ is a joyous ride through italo, funk, disco, afrobeat and Chicago house. Today we premiere ‘In This Moment’ from the album, a glorious slice of modern funk that gets underway with an extended looping arpeggio intro and teasing vocal stabs before the electro-style drums drop in to break the tension. A female-male vocal duet gives the track a pop sensibility that glides dreamily over an infectious bassline. Simply irresistible.