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RELEASE: 10 Years Of NuLu
ARTIST(S): AM Roots, Anane Vega, Arnaud D, Ade Alafia, AnKulu, Pruffshot, Atjazz, Black Motion, Soulflow, Caiiro, Cristian Vinci, DJ Angelo, DJ X-Trio, Djeff, Silyvi, Mamukueno, Louie Vega, Anane, Agev Munsen, Nars, Manoo, Soleil Wanga, Pex Africah, Problem Child, Stefano Ranieri

REMIXERS: Anane, Manoo

LABEL: NuLu Music, NULU072C
GENRE: House
RELEASED: 2019-04-05
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Louie Vega, Anane, Agev Munsen – BSC (Roots Mix) (09:29) / Bmaj, 126bpm
  2. AM Roots – Old Times At Barracuda (Main Mix) (04:44) / Amin, 125bpm
  3. DJ X-Trio – Africa (Manoo’s Aitf Mix) (08:26) / Dmin, 124bpm
  4. Problem Child – Barobosi Chant (Original Mix) (07:00) / Amin, 124bpm
  5. Black Motion, Soulflow – Mumi Wango (Original Mix) (06:47) / Dmaj, 125bpm
  6. Nars, Manoo, Soleil Wanga – Kulu Muka (Boulangerie Mix) (08:16) / D♯min, 126bpm
  7. Anane, Arnaud D, Ade Alafia – Feeling Musick (Anane’s Rework) (06:20) / Dmaj, 124bpm
  8. Pex Africah – Nulu Warrior (Original Mix) (05:52) / Fmaj, 122bpm
  9. Djeff, Silyvi, Mamukueno – Tambuleno (Djeff Remix) (08:01) / F♯min, 124bpm
  10. Atjazz – Ooto (Out Of The Ordinary) (Original Mix) (06:14) / Fmaj, 123bpm
  11. DJ Angelo – Carnaval Dream (Original Mix) (07:23) / Amin, 122bpm
  12. Cristian Vinci – Nairobi (Original Mix) (07:23) / Gmin, 123bpm
  13. Stefano Ranieri – Asante (Original Mix) (08:01) / Cmin, 125bpm
  14. Caiiro – Drummotions (Original Mix) (06:21) / Bmin, 123bpm
  15. AnKulu, Pruffshot – Our Home Africa (Original Mix) (06:30) / D♯maj, 120bpm
  16. Anane Vega – 10 Years Of NuLu (Continuous DJ Mix) (01:19:25) / Dmin, 124bpm

Total Playtime: 03:06:12 min

March 2019, we celebrate 10 years of Anane’s vision she called Nulu (Nothing Ultimate Leaves Us), the first compilation titled ‘Past Present Future’ to commemorate this milestone is coming to you with a very special line up of artists and a massive impact of music filled with positive vibrations, telling the history of the label founded in 2009. Nulu is an independent label letting the world know about a genre we now know as Afro House, today after many years of dedicated work you’ll find it as main stream. To celebrate 10 Years of Nulu the compilation includes fifteen amazing tracks ready to make you relive and live a long and fascinating journey of past, present and future for the music’s label. We have included a special continuous mix interpreted by Anane. Not many words are needed, just close your eyes and listen or come to celebrate with us 10 Years of Nulu at Winter Music Conference in Miami, Friday March 29 at 5th Miami in Wynwood with Anané, Christian Mantini & Special Guest Louie Vega.