Download Gladkazuka - The Drop on Electrobuzz

ARTIST(S): Gladkazuka


LABEL: Comeme / COMEME049
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
RELEASED: 2019-04-05


  1. Gladkazuka – Naturalia (Original Mix) (02:39) / Dmaj, 114bpm
  2. Gladkazuka – Flancing Track? (Original Mix) (04:51) / A♯min, 131bpm
  3. Gladkazuka – The Drop (Original Mix) (04:34) / Fmaj, 123bpm
  4. Gladkazuka – El Coral (Original Mix) (04:01) / Amin, 135bpm
  5. Gladkazuka – Doblan? (Original Mix) (03:55) / Bmin, 125bpm
  6. Gladkazuka – Doblan (No Beat Version) (03:14) / Bmin, 164bpm

Total Playtime: 00:23:14 min

Gregorio Gomez aka Gladkazuka is a mythical figure from Medellín’s underground nightlife, contributing since pre – smartphone ages with energetic live sets to the celebration of life in the convulsive surrounding of the Colombian city. After playing and touring alongside Matias Aguayo with “The Desdemonas” and contributing with the club smash hits “Ihr Euer” and “Futuro Chaos” to the “Solidarity Forever” series on Cómeme – Gladkazuka is back with a full EP in which highly emotive and sensual electro dance fantasies culminate to “The Drop”. Gomez’ creations are nocturnal and lush, utopian and melancholic – underground dance pop that would be mainstream in a better world.

However these songs were created in a place where an unseen destruction of nature is taking place, and – in mids of times of supposed peace agreements – social leaders are being assassinated under the eyes of a new right wing government. Meanwhile the societies are fragmented towards a growing individualism and competition, exchanging dignity for an ideal of consumerism.
In this chaos, music becomes the celebration of life.

“Naturalia”, the first track of the EP reflects this with its lushness and its jungle – like humid warmth, “Flancing” with its happy flying fishes and “El Coral” with its jittering electric eels.

“The Drop” is decontextualized Electro and New Wave – echoes of dissolving into utopian dreaming, longing for better times, like vampire bats, hanging in their caves, waiting for the night to come.