Leftback Vol 1 Leftback RecordsFinally for tonight, we take a trip into deep/dub techno territory with this first full-length compilation from Michael McLardy and Dudley Strangeways’ Leftback imprint, which is available in both mixed and unmixed versions.

The album starts with the near-ambient Intro (credited simply to ‘Leftback’), all rain sounds, off-kilter tinkling ivories and spoken French vox. It’s a track that lulls us neatly into the tripped-out, headnoddin’ zone that most of the rest of the 15-track album occupies, from the sparse, hypnotic Apogee Dub by Derek (imagine listening to On-U Sound, underwater, while on mushrooms) to the stuttering Detroit rhythms of Ittetsu’s Perrelet, and from the rumbling, twitchy beats n’ FX of the label bosses’ Tumult to Matthew Burton’s footwork-tinged Locket Out. Strangeways & McLardy then head into out-and-out dub territory with Dissonance, before the ambient Outro takes us back to where we came in.

Some of the tracks here will work on the dancefloor, some won’t; as a late-night, headphones experience for herbal adventurers though, it’s hard to fault.

Out: This week

About: Leftback Records is usually only a vinyl-only imprint, but this is CD buyers’ chance to get onboard, with all these tracks due for vinyl release later in the year. You can find Leftback on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.