Reezak & Luke Hazell Why Not China DeepSome very deep grooves on this two-tracker from Miami’s Deep stable.

On the A-side, Why Not is a midpaced headnodder whose sparse beats, dub bassline and glitchy FX should go down well with lovers of deep house and deep techno alike, though it leans more towards the latter. Over on the B, meanwhile, the slightly pacier China has more pounding kicks and bigger bass, making this the more obvious bet for dancefloor play, and sports [what a quick Googling of the lyrics tells me is] an extended sample of a Leonard Cohen awards acceptance speech by way of a vocal.

Quality stuff as ever from the label that says what it does on the sleeve.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep on Facebook or at their own website.

PS If you’re interested, seeing as I’ve got the page open anyway, you can read and watch Cohen’s speech in full here.