Transparencia Opaca
Gemini Voice Archive
LABEL: Soma Records | SOMA434D
GENRE: Techno
BITRATE: 320kbps / 44100kHz / Full Stereo
SIZE: 47.19 megs


1. Transparencia Opaca 6:15
2. Ecleptica 6:59
3. Eliptica Excentrica (Deep Vision Mix) 6:22

Total Playtime: 19:36 min

A new and mysterious addition to the Soma roster comes in the form of Gemini Voice Archive. A series of rather brilliant demos have led to this unknown duo taking SomaHQ by storm. They’re jacking yet soulful Techno sound permeates through every track on this, their debut EP.

Transparencia Opaca opens their Soma account and is a fully fledged warehouse Techno banger. Big booming drums are backed with quick, Hood-esq, resonating chord stabs and given the soulful touch with soft, gliding pads. Real, peak time Techno

Ecleptica is up next and takes you down a deeper, hypnotic road. Rolling beats keep the pace of the track while subtle percussive hits drift in and out building nicely into the heart of the track which becomes a synth lead deep burner.

Rounding of a fantastic debut EP for Gemini Voice Archive is the Deep Vision Mix of Elliptic Excentrica. Definitely going down the Detroit road, a subtle percussive workout slowly gives way to a phased out synth hook which glides in effortlessly. GVA make great use of this hook as it passes in and out allowing them to drop back into deeper elements perfectly.

With a series of epic releases on the horizon, we look forward to Gemini Voice Archive’s contribution to the ever growing roster of international talent within Soma

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