Little Snake Ep
Error Etica
LABEL: Subsist | Subsist
GENRE: Techno
BITRATE: 320kbps / 44100kHz / Full Stereo
SIZE: 85.80 megs


1. Onion Skin 1:38
2. Little Snake 5:36
3. Abstract Data 6:16
4. Clenched Fist 6:00
5. Metasonix 6:38
6. Infamous Nebula 9:13

Total Playtime: 35:21 min


Truss: “Metasonix sounds great”

Oscar Mulero: “Abstract Data. Full support. will play. thx!”

CTRLS: “cool stuff!”

Farceb: “Metasonix is great! nice ep”

Hector Sandoval: “nice stuff from Victor,good vibes here..!!”
Dario Zenker: “sounds great after a first short listen!”

Angel Molina: “LOVE this release, this will be one of my actual techno
mandatories.. thanks so much!”

Razeed: “Buen trabajo!”

David Att : “Buen regalo de Navidad. Discazo.Gracias.”
Arnaud Le Texier : “Some good tracks to play in this ep! Thx”
Cio Dor: Fantastic sounds and rhythms! Thank you!”

Mental Resonance: “great package , Abstrac Data is huge track , but all thetracks are really good, will play thanks”

P.E.A.R.L.: “Muy bueno! thx!”

Electronic Cafe Radio : “One of the most profilic Techno Labels in 2015 endsyear with this fantastic Error Etica, Our special mention
to Abstract Data , Clenched First and Metasonix. Will sound on next month’s Electronic Cafe Radio. Top !!”

DVNT / Mike Darkfloor“Lovely stuff once again from the Subsist camp, on the
deep vibe this one. ‘Metasonix’ is the stand out cut.”

David Reina: “Will play it, great release!”

The Clairvoyants : “Cool selection of tracks and soundscapes, supporting!”
MTD: “Really nice EP! will play for sure”

Synthek: “Amazing release! I will play more than a track and will

keep it on for a while!”

Deepbass: “Love entire release!!”

Mattias Fridell: “Thanks, this is good music.”

Obsrv “Abstract Data, Infamous Nebula and little Snake! are for me!”

Marcel Hesse: “i’m really feeling this. very nice release. thanks!”

JoyB: “Love entire release!!”

Terminal 313; “Straight techno tracks with some abstract notes.”

Modeo: TOP

Astronomical Telegram: “Nice release, Clenched Fist is cool. thanks.”

D.O.O.M: “Great package here. I will try for sure. thanks for themusic.!”

Dj Datch: “amazing release”

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