Cad & Bounder Believe The Truth EndemicIt’s actually been a week or two since anything from the Endemic/Unrivaled/Krafted camp featured on this blog, which is practically unheard of! But the natural order of things is now restored, with this very fine deep house two-tracker coming on Endemic Digital.

Believe is up first, a sumptuous, soulfully-inclined deep houser with a nice fat bassline and a preacherman-style “house music saved me, house music restored my soul” vocal (it’s a lot longer than that but I’m not typing out the whole bloody lyric) that may well be sampled from something much older, though I couldn’t tell you what. Flip it over, and The Truth has another soulful, very Owens-esque male vocal, but in this case it sits atop much tuffer beats and some very rave-y piano stabs.

The Truth is fine but it’s Believe that’s floating my boat more.

Out: This week

About: Find Endemic Digital – just in case you’d forgotten, after all this time! – on Soundcloud and Facebook, or at the website of parent label Krafted Music Group.