Andre Nazreth Moaning Dog EP DropsKeeping things nice n’ deep but moving into techier pastures we have this two-tracker from Miami label Drops.

On the A, K9 is an FX-laden throbber with a moody, ‘lost in the jungle’ kinda feel that should appeal right across the deep house/deep techno/minimal spectrum. Over on the B, meanwhile, Moan is a chuggier cut with very cool, cha-cha-y drums that demand to be clapped along to, neat sci-fi synths and, towards the end, some female oohs and aahs that give the track its title.

On first hearing it was K9 that stood out for me, after a few listens it’s Moan but drop either in a darkened room circa 3am and the results should satisfy.

Out: This week

About: Find Drops, the “techno and minimal flagship” (their words) of the Liquid Music stable, on Facebook or at their own website.