Ostinato EP
Albert van Abbe
LABEL: Trolldans | TROLLDANS003
GENRE: Techno
BITRATE: 320kbps / 44100kHz / Full Stereo
SIZE: 75.25 megs


1. Ostinato 01 6:02
2. Ostinato 02 6:06
3. Ostinato 03 5:24
4. Ostinato 04 4:07

Total Playtime: 21:39 min

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Full Front Ilustration by one of Swedens most famous painters: John Bauer
Albert van Abbe has truly gained momentum this year with his new self-titled label VANABBE, a successful Berghain live debut as well as releases on Shipwrec and now Trolldans. And you can tell! This Trolldans release is filled with confidence and lucidity. The term Ostinato refers to a continuously repeated musical pattern. It’s usually used in reference to classical music, but is well suited here. This Ostinato, this stubbornness, gives the music a sense of pace and propulsion. Yet – as ever with Trolldans – there is a kind of melancholy present too. But it’s a kind of melancholy that gives one strength rather than tears; a melancholy that makes your jaws clench in resolution. Look at John Bauer’s ancient Mountain King on the cover. He has been dwelling there on the top of the mountain for so long that he himself has become part of it. His back is bent and his eyes are dim. But the air is changing; it’s getting clearer and crisper and alluring melodic fragments are floating through it, reaching the King’s overgrown ears. Suddenly for the first time for many decades he is overwhelmed by the impulse of standing up. The forest itself senses the King’s intentions and starts pulsating with rhythms, urging him on. He grips the mountain side with his giant hands and raises his head, breathing deeply. It is time. This sense of determination and clarity is what Albert Van Abbe manages to convey with this Trolldans release. The Mountain King was moved by Ostinato. As should you.

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